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Parka Open

Please note: You will be notified when your parka is ready for pickup.  You will have the option of USPS.  If you want to pickup, you can pickup from one of our stores.

Please Note:  This is a custom made order and is a final sale.  The Swim Guy is not responsible for a student who quits or does not make the team and no refunds will be given. It is assumed that the student tried on the Swim Suit Size Kit and has chosen the correct size. It is your responsibility to order your team gear during the order period.  Please do not order after the end of the order period unless we instruct you to do so.  Your order will be shipped 3 weeks after the order period.   If you are having trouble ordering, please make sure you are putting in the CORRECT BILLING ADDRESS so it is is not declined from our processing company.  Please make sure you recieve confirmation of your order either from us or checking your credit card.  If you don't, contact us immediately. If you have questions about any items on this page, please call us at (310) 452-2221 Ask for Michael or Tim.  

Thanks for letting TheSwimGuy take care of you team!


If you have an questions concerning this site please call either Michael or Tim at 310 452-2221 or mike@theswimguy.com

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